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DJI Inspire 2

DJI matrice 210


DJI matrice 300

  • Flight time: 25-31 MINS

  • Control Range: 7 KM

  • Speed: 72 KM/H

  • Camera 1: M2ED Visual Camera

  • Still Images: 12 MP

  • Video Resolution: 1080p /2.7K/4K Ultra HD

  • Camera 2: M2ED Thermal Camera

  • Gimbal: Single

  • Flight time: 15-27 MINS

  • Control Range: 7 KM

  • Speed: 94 KM/H

  • Camera: Zenmuse X5S

  • Still Images: 20.8 MP

  • Video Resolution: 4K/5.2K

  • Gimbal: Single

  • Sensory range: 30 M

  • Live view: 1080 P

  • Flight time: 13-27 MINS

  • Control Range: 7 KM

  • Speed: 84 KM/H

  • Camera: Zenmuse X5S*

  • Camera:  Zenmuse Z30^

  • Video Resolution X5S: 4K/5.2K*

  • Video Resolution Z30: 1080p^ 30x Optical

  • Still Images: 20.8 MP* / 2 MP^

  • Gimbal: Dual / Single

  • Flight time: 31-55 MINS

  • Control Range: 15 KM

  • Speed: 83KM/H

  • Camera: Zenmuse H20 Hybrid 

    • 12MP Wide Camera

    • 20MP zoom camera; 23x hybrid optical zoom

    • Laser rangefinder 1200m

  • Gimbal: Dual / Single

Check out our Technology Page for information on the service equipment we have on hand to complete your job

Meet The Team


Jason McIsaac


Jason is the Founder & Chief UAV Pilot the Elevated Drone Control Zone (EDCZ) after obtaining the RPA Remote Operators Certificate [ReOC] on the 27th June 2018 - CASA.REOC 6326

He also holds his Remote Pilots License (RPL) and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)

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chris thurloe

founder & chief Pilot

Chris is the Founder & Chief UAV Pilot for Bumblebee Drones after obtaining the RPA Remote Operators Certificate [ReOC] in 2018.


Chris currently flies the DJI Matrice 210 with the Zenmuse X4S Camera, he assists EDCZ with missions that requires two pilots and is a back up UAV to the two main drones EDCZ has.

Chris is a valued partner with EDCZ and carries the same standards and approach that we also carry. 





Ronan is a Year 6 Student at The Kings College and assists as Ground Crew for Missions.


Ronan has a keen interest in Drones / RPAS and has flown the DJI Mavic Pro for two test flights, he has so completed 30 mins flight time. He aims to complete his Remote Pilot Licence [RePL] in the near future and work full time for the Elevated Drone Control Zone.



Connor assists as Ground Crew for Missions.


PROJECTS & gallery



The Elevated Drone Control Zone is a CASA certified UAV business and the Founder Jason McIsaac has completed the following training and certifications.

  • Two day Survey & Mapping course with Global Drone Solutions.

  • CASA RPA Remote Operators Certificate [ReOC]  - CASA.ReOC 6326


  • CASA Certified Sub 25kg UAV  

Jason completed the requirements for the ReOC on the 28th June 2018. He has now had his ReOC renewed til June 2022. 


Certification can be shown on request. 

The EDCZ also has a number of RePL Pilots to undertake Missions as they arise. 

Jason Attending the Global Drone Solutions RePL course, to do a Presentation on how he obtained his RePL and now ReOC.



The EDCZ - Elevated Drone Control Zone is insured via SURA Insurance for the following:

  • Public Liability - $20,000,000 AUD

  • Products Liability - $20,000,000 AUD.

Statement of Insurance is available on Quotation.

Michael Sussmann

Senior Account Manager  |  Tier 1 A.F.S


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michael@osman.com.au  |  www.osman.com.au

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